Bits of Inspiration (Aka a Pile of Randomness) #2

I’ve been in somewhat of a slump regarding this blog recently – I’m thinking a bit of changing the concept in some ways or spicing things up a little on my little corner of the internet… long story short, this post is just to break my “blogger’s block” and to share what’s been inspiring me recently – it seems like inspiration posts are my favorite and most frequent ones. And yes, I pretentiously made a series of my inspiration finds – see that I did a similar post back in April? So, let’s jump right into this untidy bunch of my recent finds (mostly from Pinterest, to be honest…)

First off, this kitten. It looks like its fur was made of velvet! I still wonder what’s with all the black cat superstition? How could you not love these furry friends?

Seems like my October moodboard in a single photograph. Too bad there aren’t any pumpkin patches near me…

To curl up with a book and a warm drink, to forget the daily life for a moment – that’s something I often think about, and I intend to do more often these months.

Fitzgerald has some of the best quotes, in my opinion. He speaks directly from my heart…

No words needed here. ❤

On a brighter note: I’m obsessing over red lipstick lately. And who could pull it off better than one of my greatest fashion icons, Lauren Bacall?

Or the French actress Anna Karina. Just give me all the reds, okay?

Red in a cake? Oh my. ‘Tis pure heaven.

I’m in love with fairytale-like photography right now.

Something darker and deeper to end with… Poe is another writer I want to discover more of, which makes sense since I’ve been stumbling upon a lot of his quotes recently. Some are simply intriguing, but a few manage to speak right to my soul…

This is what’s inspiring me recently. Consider it a sort of an inspiration board if you will, and feel free to be inspired as well. 🙂

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