A Little Theme Update

Hey, this wee blog of mine has recently got a new look! Can you see it? CAN YOU SEE IT? Just kidding, I’m not all that excited, but it’s a nice change. (But seriously, you can see it too, right? As the administrator of the blog I probably see the main page and everything a bit differently, so I don’t really have a clear idea what it looks like to visitors).

The name of the theme I chose is “Argent” and I quite like the clean look of it. It adds a more professional vibe to the blog, which is slightly ridiculous because my blog is everything but professional – although I appreciate that it is a bit tidier and neater than my previous theme (I don’t think I even had a theme until now, though – I just set the pink background and that was it). So now you have this pretty and subtle tan color, and this lovely header photo (courtesy of me), which looks vintage but also a bit geeky, which is totally up my alley.

And oh, I organized my posts by categories and added the little dropdown menu so you can easily find a post by category, which is very convenient, I think. I actually wanted to do that for quite some time but didn’t know how, lol.

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