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Anticipating Autumn & a Moodboard

I feel like I haven’t been very active here this year, although, in my defense, it was for a multitude of reasons. I remember when I was just starting this blog I made a decision to write at least one post per week, to keep the space “alive”, but now I think that seems a bit ridiculous. I think I’d rather write few substantial posts when I feel motivated than just scribble something to fill in the space. Although there might be another factor, which is the fact that I seem to be in more of a “blogging mode” in colder seasons. Which doesn’t neccessarily make sense, but I feel like ruminating and musing is especially reserved for those months when weather doesn’t lure you out of the house, but makes you want to curl up inside. Which brings me to another point, and that’s how I feel about the beginning of September. I rarely ever get really enthusiastic over changing of seasons, but I like to notice tiny changes in the air and nature and, yes, I do like the little ritual of turning calendar pages. Well anyway, when autumn rolls around I get a feeling of certain pleasant chilliness and some sort of feeling excitement as if anticipating something… in other words, I usually feel like planning things in autumn, even if these things may be obscure and unprobable. There’s a certain way in which this season pairs feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality with those of freshness and excitement.

Alright, I’ll stop sounding like an elementary school essay now. I made two little moodboards to reflect my current inspirations a bit – it seems like such a long time since I last made these, and I really like how they always turn out kind of nice.

Really, what’s inspiring me now are mostly books, especially old ones. And I mean physically old; I recently came across a copy of a book from the 1950s and I feel so unworthy of it, even though I know that some people collect books much older than that.

What’s inspiring me fashion-wise are the styles worn by 1940s college girls: all in all, lots of knits, pleated skirts, oxfords and maybe a sweater vest here and there (I couldn’t find a decent vintage photo of one though). And aren’t these pics of hairstyles I included above simply gorgeous? Pardon me while I cut off my hair to channel my inner 1930s silver screen star … (just kidding, I won’t really).

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