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Movie Review: Brief Encounter (1945)

I promised myself that I'd be reviewing this film as soon as I have seen it, and here I am. I must admit that my first time hearing about this movie was when I read, very recently, that it had been rated as the #1 most romantic movie of all times. So, it wasn't Casablanca,… Continue reading Movie Review: Brief Encounter (1945)


An Update (Of a Sort)

Um, well... hi! How have you been? It's been a while since my latest post (almost two months!) and it feels a bit like I've forgotten how to even write properly. However, my blogging hiatus was quite intentional, as I've been occupied with other life things; mainly studying for my university exams, which I've finished… Continue reading An Update (Of a Sort)


Inspirations, Intentions, Plans, Wishes, and Hopes

So this is probably going to be somewhat of a more personal post, in the sense that I'm about to talk about little decisions regarding my life in the following... months, I suppose? This constant "fight-or-flight" aka quarantine mode has me being cynical about setting timelines to anything, so let's just say "somewhere in the… Continue reading Inspirations, Intentions, Plans, Wishes, and Hopes

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Anthony Perkins’s Birthday & Movie Marathon

Exactly a year ago, I wrote one of my first blogposts which was dedicated to Anthony Perkins. Well, a year later I still want to mark this irresistible actor's birthday and for that occasion, I treated myself with a little Perkins movie marathon. It didn't include Psycho, but oh well, it did include some interesting… Continue reading Anthony Perkins’s Birthday & Movie Marathon

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Fashion Escapism: Keira Knightley’s Style in The Aftermath (2019)

Here I won't talk about how being stuck in a quarantine is depressing - although I could - but instead want to offer you (and myself) a little escape in the form of a post-wartime romance movie - with great costumes. To describe the plot briefly: the story revolves around a Britsh couple, Rachael and… Continue reading Fashion Escapism: Keira Knightley’s Style in The Aftermath (2019)

Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Design for Living (1933)

So apparently, I haven't done a decent movie review since May, even though I have rambled about my love for certain films' aesthetics quite regularly. Well, I think it is about time to do a good ol' movie review again, especially since the desire to write movie reviews was one of the main reasons why… Continue reading Movie Review: Design for Living (1933)


Contemplating Fast and Slow Fashion

Despite the fact that my posts, as it seems, aren't getting much notice lately, I have been unusually inspired to write these days. A blogpost every three days? Wow, that sounds productive. The key reason for my apparent "productivity" would be the fact that I recently found myself with much more free time on my… Continue reading Contemplating Fast and Slow Fashion


What’s Inspiring Me Right Now…

I haven't made a "moodboard" type of post for a while (I know I always say that), so here I jump in with a slightly different sort of inspiration board... This is a mish-mash of different things that are inspiring me right now, really: style-wise and otherwise. As you can see, fashion-wise I am currently… Continue reading What’s Inspiring Me Right Now…

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Memories of Spain: Lorca, Picasso and Classic Cinema

It's been a while since I last wrote something here, hasn't it? Well, I have a good excuse, dear friends: I have recently returned from my Spanish trip touring Andalusia! Before I dive into the "memoirs", as I like to call them, let me say that it was a wonderful little adventure and, although I… Continue reading Memories of Spain: Lorca, Picasso and Classic Cinema