On Absence

Okay, so first things first - this post is not as serious as it sounds. I'm fine, I was simply inactive because I was lacking time... or because I was lazy and unmotivated, or both? Which makes me wonder how, in my first year of "blogging" I somehow found time and zest for writing articles… Continue reading On Absence

Inspiration · Ramblings

Anticipating Autumn & a Moodboard

I feel like I haven't been very active here this year, although, in my defense, it was for a multitude of reasons. I remember when I was just starting this blog I made a decision to write at least one post per week, to keep the space "alive", but now I think that seems a… Continue reading Anticipating Autumn & a Moodboard


Inspirations, Intentions, Plans, Wishes, and Hopes

So this is probably going to be somewhat of a more personal post, in the sense that I'm about to talk about little decisions regarding my life in the following... months, I suppose? This constant "fight-or-flight" aka quarantine mode has me being cynical about setting timelines to anything, so let's just say "somewhere in the… Continue reading Inspirations, Intentions, Plans, Wishes, and Hopes


Contemplating Fast and Slow Fashion

Despite the fact that my posts, as it seems, aren't getting much notice lately, I have been unusually inspired to write these days. A blogpost every three days? Wow, that sounds productive. The key reason for my apparent "productivity" would be the fact that I recently found myself with much more free time on my… Continue reading Contemplating Fast and Slow Fashion


How Would It Feel To Lead a Vintage Lifestyle?

This is something I've often thought about: ditching modern technology and the rush of 21st century life and pretending to have stepped out of the mid-20th century. Okay, I wouldn't actually be that dramatic, but you get the idea. The idea of living a vintage lifestyle - or at least something close to it, as… Continue reading How Would It Feel To Lead a Vintage Lifestyle?


Some Literary Female Characters That I Like

So, this post was intended to be titled "My favorite female literary characters", but that sounded too ambitious, especially because I do not feel like writing a serious, well-thought-out blogpost right now. So, here it is - a light-hearted, brainstormed list of some of my dearest book characters. Also, as much as I love reading,… Continue reading Some Literary Female Characters That I Like