Hey there!

First of all, welcome to my blog. I started this as a more of a messy, scatterbrained lifestyle blog where I write about everything, but recently I decided to be a bit more intentional with the topics I choose to write about. So, now I intend to write about the books I read, movies I watch, and when I do travel, keep occasional travel diaries.

So yeah, about the books. I’d like to use this blog to keep track of the works I read (although I probably won’t be reviewing every single one I read) – novels, short stories, plays etc. I’ll probably also share some reading lists and things related to authors, book excerpts, etc. The literary stuff, you know.

And about the movies – as the title of this blog hints, I love old movies! Right now my favorite eras for movies are the 1930s and the 40s, although I’d like to be open and discover more silents and Pre Code films. And I don’t dismiss modern movies either, so I might write about them occasionally as well (probably it’ll be mostly period dramas though!).

Now, I don’t gurantee that some other topics won’t creep in, but these above will be the main focus of my blog. All in all, I view this blog as my place to ramble a bit (even introverts need to do that) and provide myself and you a little dose of escapism.

Enjoy browsing! 🤗