On Absence

Okay, so first things first - this post is not as serious as it sounds. I'm fine, I was simply inactive because I was lacking time... or because I was lazy and unmotivated, or both? Which makes me wonder how, in my first year of "blogging" I somehow found time and zest for writing articles… Continue reading On Absence

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Movie Review: Holiday (1938)

It's been almost a month since I last typed up something for this old blog, and, I think, as much time since I last saw a B&W movie... now, that's a long time. Luckily, Holiday came to rescue; I had previously signed up for The Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn Blogathon, hosted by Love Letters… Continue reading Movie Review: Holiday (1938)

Reading Lists

Books I’m Excited to Read (This Fall?)

Alternate title of this post might be "books that have been sitting on my bookshelf for a while now and I feel a bit guilty for not showing them some more love", but that sounds slightly too long and not quite as catchy. Huh. I need to catch my breath after this sentence. You see,… Continue reading Books I’m Excited to Read (This Fall?)

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Love is No More Than the Touching of Two Skins: Goodbye Again (1961)

I'll admit this - ever since my earliest days of blogging, as soon as I figured out what a "blogathon" is, I kind of wanted to take part in one... but, I guess I never really had the time or I didn't come across a subject that appealed to me enough. Anyway, when I saw… Continue reading Love is No More Than the Touching of Two Skins: Goodbye Again (1961)


Inspirations, Intentions, Plans, Wishes, and Hopes

So this is probably going to be somewhat of a more personal post, in the sense that I'm about to talk about little decisions regarding my life in the following... months, I suppose? This constant "fight-or-flight" aka quarantine mode has me being cynical about setting timelines to anything, so let's just say "somewhere in the… Continue reading Inspirations, Intentions, Plans, Wishes, and Hopes

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Anthony Perkins’s Birthday & Movie Marathon

Exactly a year ago, I wrote one of my first blogposts which was dedicated to Anthony Perkins. Well, a year later I still want to mark this irresistible actor's birthday and for that occasion, I treated myself with a little Perkins movie marathon. It didn't include Psycho, but oh well, it did include some interesting… Continue reading Anthony Perkins’s Birthday & Movie Marathon